The Wireless Key Finder:
Find Your Stuff in Seconds!

Want to quickly find your keys or wallet, etc? Then you need the Wireless Key Finder!

With a loud 95 decibel beep you can find your stuff from up to 24m away through walls, cushions, and floors...

And if you're my brother, under the soil of a ploughed up farm field!!!

After all, there's nothing worse...

...Then not being able to find your keys or wallet when you're in a rush!

You've looked under every cushion, in your cupboards, under the bed, in the fridge, and even check in your toilet boil. But those darn keys just won't reveal themselves!!! Yip, we all know what that is like.

So wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to quickly find them with a click of a button, and the sound of a beep!

Well that's exactly what this cool electronic gadget does.

How Does It Work?

Simply attach one of the color-coded receivers to your keys, wallet, pet, TV remote, or any item you don't want to lose (but sometimes misplace).

Then when you need to find that item, just press the same color button on the remote transmitter and the receiver will beep back, leading you straight to your lost belonging!

Attach the key chain receiver to your keys to easily find them when lost, with the brilliant Wireless Key Finder gadget!
Keep a thin-plate receiver in your wallet to easily find it with the Wireless Key Finder when lost!

What Are The Features?

The Wireless Key Finder set. A cheap, brilliant and clever gadget to help you never lose your keys, etc...

The Wireless Key Finder comes with...

  • 4 color-coded Receivers (2 key chain receivers and 2 thin-plate receivers).
  • A Key Chain Radio Transmitter with 4 corresponding color-coded buttons.
  • And an entire spare set of batteries for each item.

And it...

  • Transmits a locating signal of up to 24m in distance (80 feet), through walls, cushions, and floors!
  • The receivers then beeps a loud 95 decibel beep, helping you quickly find that hide-and-go-seek playing item of yours!
  • Perfect for making sure you don't lose your keys, wallet, purse, pet, TV remote, remote control, or any other item.

What's The Conclusion?

Never lose your TV remote with the Wireless Key Finder.

Regardless of whether you're in the habit of miss-placing your keys etc or not, this incredibly clever gadget is a one super useful tool.

You just don't know when your keys or wallet may go missing! Maybe your kids pick them up and put them somewhere, or your dog knocks them off the table and under the chair...

It could happen to anyone!

But thankfully with this great gadget you can have peace of mind to know that locating your stuff is only a push of a button away.

The Conclusion Is: I recommend this gadget for everyone...

How Much & Where From?

$29.99 - Amazon

Check out the super useful Wireless Key Finder from Amazon...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Extra Wireless Key Finder Photos:

The Wireless Key Finder set that comes with spare batteries for each item!
The Wireless Key Finder Remote Transmitter! Find your lost things fast!
The Wireless Key Finder key chain receivers. With a 95 decibel beep you'll hear your way to your lost items quickly!
The thin-plate receivers from the brilliant Wireless Key Finder set!

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