Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker:

For Booming Tunes in the Shower!!!

Now you can sing along in the shower to your favorite tunes with the Stalion Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Or in fact, in any water-filled environment....

Like at the beach, by the poolside, on a boat or yacht, and even in the kitchen for washing dishes!

Going to a pool-party? Take it along. Hitting some tanning time on the beach? Enjoy it with some great music.

Another option...

...For the pool, is the super cool Bluetooth Floating Speaker, but let's keep on track with this great gadget for the moment...

It's compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. Has 6 hours of battery life, and has a Bluetooth connection distance of up to 10 meters from your device.

Charging up the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker!

How Do You Use It?

Simply take the speaker and use the built-on suction cup to stick it anywhere you want.

Then connect with your device, put your favorite songs on, and control your music right from the speaker!

It also enables you to take phone calls from the speaker, so you don't have to miss out on any gossip when taking a shower.

What Are The Features?

  • It's completely waterproof. Including a water-resistant speaker and microphone.
  • Has a built-in suction cup to stick to any wall in your home.
  • Has a high-definition Bluetooth 3.0 Connection, and will connect up to 10 meters.
  • And it will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.
Features of the brilliant Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

What's The Conclusion?

Thankfully you won't need to balance your phone on the bathtub to listen to some music, whilst you relax in the bath or shower anymore.

This Bluetooth enabled gadget provides the perfect solution for listening to great music, when you're in those not so electric-friendly places.

It's pretty cheap, great quality, with great features, and has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating at Amazon... With some pretty impressive reviews from those customers as well.

All of the Stalion Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker parts. Now you can have music right there with you in the shower.

How Much & Where From?

$49.99 - Amazon

Check out the Stalion Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon...

Other Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Options:

The Floating Speaker is another great option for a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Check it out...

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