The Water Dancing Speakers

I bet you've never seen speakers as cool as the Water Dancing Speakers! I certainly hadn't.

These flipping awesome devices each have 4 multi-colored illuminating jets of water that spurt out to the beat of the song.

And what's really cool is the height of the water-jets are determined by the volume and pitch of the sound.

Check them in action with this video from Gadget Munch...

These seriously awesome gadgets from Leading Edge (Or from SoundSoul which is another option as you'll see down below) work both via USB and through a normal plug point...

Which means you can also play them through your laptop!

And don't worry, the water is safely sealed away and won't be spraying all over your keyboard. :-)

I've got to admit, these are definitely one of the coolest accessories I've come across and make such a cool addition to your bedroom, entertainment area, or bar!

What Are The Water Dancing Speakers' Features?

The Water Dancing Speakers from Sound Soul.
  • Each Speaker has four multi-colored illuminating jets of water...
  • That dance to the sound of the music.
  • They are compatible with any audio device.
  • Are 23cm (9") tall.
  • Take power from either a USB or mains plug.
  • And come with a 3.5mm audio cable, a mains power cable, and a USB cable.

What's The Conclusion?

If you're a music lover, then you're quite simply going to love these speakers as well!

They are smokingly cool ... Or hot! Whichever way you take it.

And they definitely get the Stamp of Approval!

So go ahead! Watch the water dance to the music...

How Much & Where From?

£39.95 - Red5

Check out the wicked Water Dancing Speakers from Red5...

Other Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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The Water Dancing Speakers from Leading Edge have 4 multi-colored illuminating water-jets that dance to the music! Awesome right?!
Dance your socks off with this seriously cool home gadget! The illuminating Water Dancing Speakers are the coolest speakers you could ever imagine owning...

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