Underwater Headphones

These incredible underwater headphones use special bone conduction audio technology for great underwater sound! They're the #1 earphones for swimmers & divers!

Awesome Underwater Headphones & MP3 Player:

With Bone Induction audio & no earbuds!

This phenomenal gadget is the ultimate MP3 player for swimmers, especially those doing serious training.

What better way to keep motivated through all those lengths then to listen to some awesome tunes...

With seriously good sound!

How Do They Work?

This below the surface MP3 player and earphones are not your ordinary waterproof headphones.

These bad boys use a special technology called Bone Induction Audio that transmits the sound through the bones around your ear for clearer underwater sound.

Seriously?!  Yeah that's right! And noooo.... I haven't been smoking anything!

But rather than me attempting a long-winded explanation, just watch this schweeet video to see how they work...

What Are The Features?

Underwater Headphones with 4gb MP3 Player. The #1 earphones for swimmers!

This MP3 player and underwater earphones...

  • Has 4gb of music storage.
  • Uses a high contrast oled screen to easily see whats playing underwater and navigate to the songs you want.
  • With hydrodynamic clips to make it simple to attach and use.
  • And to repeat the above... It uses a Bone Induction Audio to transmit the sound into your ear, for clearer and better underwater music motivation!!!
Using Bone Conduction Audio technology these underwater headphones don't need earbuds that go into your ears. And still produce superior underwater sound!
The underneath of the waterproof MP3 Player with underwater headphones!

What's The Conclusion?

These are quite simply the number one earphones for swimmers.

There's no hassles! You don't need to worry about keeping your ear buds in your ear and keeping the water out...

And they work like the bomb!

How Much & Where From?

$159.99 - Amazon

Check out the incredible Underwater Headphones and MP3 Player from Amazon...

Other Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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