The Toaster with Egg Cooker: Yum Yum Yum! The easy way to make your morning egg on toast, or egg roll/bagel/croissant!

Toaster with Egg Cooker

This is an incredibly popular kitchen gadget and its easy to see why!

The Toaster with Egg Cooker (plus meat warmer) simply makes your breakfast cooking fast, easy, and not-so-messy!!!

So you wake up...

You're starving like I am every morning - you walk to the kitchen, grab two slices of bread, break an egg into the poacher and five minutes later your breakfast is ready to be DEVOURED!!!

How cool is that?!

Simply cook (poach, scramble or boil) your egg whilst toasting your bread, bagel, croissant or buns, in a matter of minutes. Plus heat up cold meat to add to your breakfast roll!

What Are The Features?

The Toaster with Egg Poacher...

  • Is a 3-in-1 Kitchen Appliance that works as a egg cooker, toaster, and meat warmer.
  • Comes as a 2 toaster with 1 egg cooker OR as a 4 toaster with 2 egg poachers.
  • Has functions for individual egg cooking or toasting.
  • Has wide toast slots with high lift to make removal easy.
  • Takes 4 minutes to cook and prepare an egg roll, bagel, or sandwich.
  • Has a simple to use Control Touchpad with sliding bar to vary toasting (Light to dark toasting).
  • Plus has a removable crumb tray and comes with a measuring cup.
  • All parts are easy to clean.

What's The Conclusion?

This is a fantastic gadget to add to your kitchen for easy breakfasting, plus for general toast making!

After all, who wants an ordinary toaster when you can get one that will cook your eggs and warm your meat as well!!!

This is one cool kitchen appliance that definitely gets my and's BIG stamp of approval.

How Much & Where From?

2 Toast / 1 Egg: $24.99 - Amazon

Check out the 2pc Toaster with Egg Cooker from Amazon...

4 Toast / 2 Egg: $49.88 - Amazon

Check out the 4pc Toaster with Egg Poacher from Amazon...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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2 slice toaster with egg poacher busy boiling eggs.
2 slice Toaster with Egg Cooker.
4 slice Egg Poacher / Toaster with boiling eggs.

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