The Strawberry Slicer

Nice & Easy!

Here's the super simple Strawberry Slicer!

It's one seriously cool kitchen gadget that will be great for any cooking, baking, or food prep that uses Strawberries.

Quite honestly you can't get a more simple but useful tool for the kitchen then this.

It has 7 stainless steel blades that cut evenly sized slices of strawberries...

Or any other soft fruit or veg you may want to slice, for example, Mushrooms.

The super simple Strawberry Slicer when open!
The super simple Strawberry Slicer when closed!

No need to get into the features as we've already covered the few simple features it has! So let's just conclude...

What's The Conclusion?

This is simple...

For any Strawberry lover or baker/cooker who uses strawberries, this kitchen gadget is a must.

It's simple and easy to use, and is very effective with cutting evenly sized slices.

Ooohhhh, my mouth is now watering thinking about those juicy Strawberry Slices.

How Much & Where From?

$6.25 - Amazon

Check out the easy Strawberry Slicer from Amazon...

Other Strawberry Slicer Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Photos of the Other Option:

The Casabella Strawberry Slicer. For quick and easy slicing!
The Casabella Strawberry Slicer in use making a delicious Cake!

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