Laser Star Projector

Have The Stars IN Your Home!

Bring the night sky inside with the cool Laser Star Projector!

"Chrchrchrch... Beam me up Scotty!"

Alright I admit... This is quite a geeky gadget. But it is also totally awesome!

There's not many things that are more relaxing and awe-inspiring than staring up at the stars!

So when you have that need to just chill in an awesome atmosphere - but it's raining, or there's just not much of a night sky because of the city lights...

Then you need this bad boy.

It will also turn a boring room into an awesomely cool space (haha - excuse the pun). Hey, maybe you could even use it for lighting at your next house party.

But where I think this gadget would be best served...

...Is For Your Kids!!!

Quite simply this would make the perfect gift or night light for your children.

What kid wouldn't want their ceiling lit up with the stars... I know I would have given anything as a child to have that. In fact I'm quite sad I didn't have one :-( Haha.

So let's see how it works...

What Are The Features?

This 25cm high gadget projects super cool green laser stars and blue-hued clouds onto any surface, like your ceiling or walls. ThinkGeek says onto your pet as well... But I'm not so sure about that!

The intensity of the blue clouds can be adjusted all the way down to nothing. And the thousands of projected stars are constantly changing... just like the real thing. Sweeeet!

There's a lot of technical jargon about how it works that I'm not going to bother you with here. You can read that over at ThinkGeek.

The front of the Laser Star Projector showing off it's two lenses!

But in short, it...

  • Uses Laser and Holographic technology.
  • Has 2 glass lenses.
  • Uses a timer to automatically turn off. Perfect to help put your kids to sleep and then not have to go in to turn it off yourself.
  • Creates thousands of stars.
  • Has the ability to adjust the blue cloud cover!
  • It's 25.4cm tall x 22.8cm wide x 17.8cm deep (10" x 9" x 7") and comes with an AC Adapter.

What's The Conclusion?

All in all, this is a geeky cool gadget that will add some fun to any room.

It's also the perfect gift or gadget for kids, and will be great as a night light, come comfort light.

So! Beam me up Scotty...

How Much & Where From?

$149.99 - ThinkGeek

Check out the Laser Star Projector from ThinkGeek...

Other Star Projector Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Additional Photos:

The back of this flippin cool gadget! The Star Projector.
The Laser Star Projector!
Thousands of Stars and beautiful atmospheric blue clouds lighting up the ceiling thanks to the Laser Star Projector!!!

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