The Solar Powered Tent

Introducing the Solar Powered Tent!

It's the end of powerless camping .

Now you can hit all the festivals this year and not worry about how you're going to charge your devices.

There's nothing worse then having your phone die of charge just at the wrong moment - Like when you're about to video your favorite musician.

OR maybe you just need to let your wife know that you and the kids are fine and safe on your weekend camping trip. But you check your phone and... OH SHOOT... The battery is dead.

Well now you don't have to worry...

All thanks to Bang Bang and their flipping awesome Solar Tent and power storage bank!!!

AND not to forget about that absolute camping letdown!!! You know it, you're all excited about an awesome weekend, when only two hours in and the rain starts pouring down. Now you can at least sit the weather out whilst watching a movie on your laptop/tablet and not worry about your batteries dying!

Beep-Beep! Yip, you're still getting messages to your phone whilst camping cos you've got the Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang.

So What Are The Features?

This very cool tent sleeps four people, comes in two interesting colors, and most importantly - has a built-in 5W Solar Panel to keep all your devices charged and ready to connect with the world... If needed!

The slim solar panel slips into a pouch on the back-end exterior and stores power in a Power Storage Bank... Which is then able to charge any low-voltage device.

The Solar Tent...

The Solar Tent's solar panel and power bank is able to charge low-voltage devices like mobile phones, cameras, lighting and laptops, etc...
  • Comes in two standout patterns and colors.
  • Has a 5W Solar Panel and a Power Storage Bank.
  • The Storage Bank can also be charged separately through USB.
  • Can charge Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, GPS's, Camera's, Lights and more. Essentially any low-voltage device.
  • Is exceptionally easy to put up.
  • Sleeps four people.
  • Is made from strong, lightweight material.
  • Is waterproof.
  • And weighs only 5kg.

What's The Conclusion?

The Solar Tent is a great option for most campers.

Whether you hit music festivals, enjoy a weekend camp in the wilderness, or camp by a dam to enjoy some fishing or partying... Being able to charge your devices and have some form of connection with the world will always be important.

Obviously for those music festival fanatics this is the perfect tent to get!!!

It stands out from the crowd of other tents with the awesome colors, and can most importantly keep you charged and ready to record, photograph and share the music and experiences you have!!!

Essentially... It adds a whole bunch of awesomeness to your festival.

How Much & Where From?

£199.00 - Firebox

Check out the Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent from Firebox...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Other Solar Powered Tent References & Images:

The Solar Powered Tent's solar panel in it's exterior pouch.
Inside the insanely cool Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang.
Charge your iPhone and other devices/gadgets with the Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang!
A green Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang! It's hard to miss if you're in a crowd of tents, like at a festival!
Sliding the solar panel into the awesome Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang. Never lose charge!!!
The brown pattern, Solar Powered Tent from Bang Bang. Stay charged and connected to the world whilst in the wilderness or at a festival!
Don't lose Charge. Make sure you have a Solar Powered Tent when you go camping or hit the festivals.

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