The Self Stirring Mug

THE perfect Traveling Mug!

The Self Stirring Mug is absolutely perfect for anyone who hits the road all the time.

It's a Thermal cup (keeps your drink warm for longer), with a travel lid so you can drink and not spill, and it easily stirs your drink with a click of a button whilst traveling... That place where you most likely don't have a teaspoon.

It's another cool gadget that makes your life just that little bit easier! Sweeeet!

But for General Purpose...

I've gotta say, this Mug seems more like fun then practicality. But for some reason people just seem to absolutely love it.

I drink my coffee black with no sugar, so stirring is not an issue for me... But for those that use sugar and milk, it seems that taking the work out of ensuring that it's all mixed up properly is quite a cool and popular thing.


If you're one of those people who are always on the go, drink your coffee with sugar, and wished you didn't have to stir every time? OR if you're looking for a cool gift to give to a "coffee loving" friend?

OR if you travel one heck of a lot?

Then I think we've found the product just for you!

What Are The Features?

The Self Stirring Mug simply, through a small electronic propeller at the bottom of the mug, stirs your coffee quick and effectively so you don't have to.

The battery operated Self Stirring Mug! It's a fantastic gadget for a gift.

It is basically...

  • A Self Stirring Thermal Mug made of stainless steel.
  • Battery powered by 2 AAA batteries with a switch button on the handle.
  • Holds 350ml of liquid and weighs 200g.
  • And comes with a travel lid.

What's The Conclusion?

The cool mug is a really practical gadget for those that travel, but is pure fun for general in-house use.

On the other hand it could be great for the office as well, if you find yourself often scratching around for something to stir your beverage with!

Essentially this is a cool and simple kitchen gadget that is PERFECT...

  • As a traveling accessory for those long trips!
  • As a gift to any traveling or coffee loving friend or family member.
  • For those who really couldn't be bothered with stirring their beverages and would much rather hit a button and have it stir itself!!!

How Much & Where From?

£8.99 - IWoot

Check the Self Stirring Mug out from iWoot....

Other Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Looking for a cool gift? Or do you want the hassle of stirring your hot beverage taken out of your hands? Then the Self Stirring Mug is a perfect gadget for you.
Inside of the Self Stirring Mug. The simple propeller will stir your drink in seconds. It's a PERFECT gadget as a gift OR for traveling!

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