The Samurai Umbrella

Become a warrior against the rain! With the Samurai Umbrella you shall fend off the rain with ninja awesomeness.

This brilliantly clever umbrella will have heads turning as you walk down the street... and potentially a few people running away as you whip it out to fend off the rain.

But they should come back with interest once they realize your super cool gizmo is just an umbrella!

AND THEN... They shall want one tooo!

This impressive gizmo comes in two sizes - either as a full length "Katana" umbrella, or the more compact "Tanto" umbrella. And they work just like any other top quality umbrella, except that they are totally cooler!

What Are The Features?

The Samurai Umbrella! Fend off the rain with Ninja Awesomeness!
  • The umbrella's handle looks like a real Samurai Sword!
  • Simple push button opening.
  • The full length Katana umbrella comes with a nylon sleeve and shoulder strap!

And the measurements are...

  • The Katana umbrella is 95cm long x 100cm in diameter.
  • The smaller compact umbrella (Tanto) is 40cm long x 100cm in diameter.
Upclose of the Samurai Umbrella sword handle!

What's The Conclusion?

Feel awesome when you draw out your Samurai Umbrella!

There is something quite powerful with gripping the handle of Samurai Sword, and somehow that feeling is transferred into this sword mimicking umbrella.

So you might not be able to dodge the rain like an ancient ninja warrior, but now you can definitely keep dry like a boss and feel totally awesome at the same time!


And in the next article, learn the 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique! ......... Just kidding.

How Much & Where From?

£24.99 & £29.99 - Firebox

Check out the super cool Samurai Umbrella from Firebox...

Other Samurai Umbrella Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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