The Q4 Nano Quadcopter!

This bad boy, the Q4 Nano Quadcopter, is a multi-award winning gadget and toy!!! It's definitely one of the best toys and kids gifts ever.

Introducing the Super Cool Q4 Nano Quadcopter!

The coolest toy you'll ever buy!

Every once in a while you come across something that is truly incredibly awesome. Well this it!!!

So if you're scratching around, wondering what to buy your kid for his next birthday gift, or for Christmas. I highly recommend this be it! Honestly this has got to be one of the greatest toys or gifts that I've ever come across! It is flipping awesome... I'm so excited! Haha.

It's also great for people who want to get some practice in for operating larger, more difficult quadcopters.

Alright let's start by checking out this MUST SEE video of it in action from Red5...

So What is the Q4 Nano Quadcopter?

It's a multi-award winning electronic gadget that uses four rotor blades to stay airborne and manouver. It is then operated by a remote control.

Being one of the smallest of it's kind (it really is tiny) this bad boy is designed for indoor flight only. It can also be flown during the night as it has blue and red LED lights to show which is the front and back.

It comes with some serious technology, including a built-in gyro for stability, 6 axis flight, and something cool called "Position Recovery"...

What does that do you ask?

Essentially the Quadcopter will self-correct itself if it is thrown off balance or flipped over! Very cool hey?! Check the above video out to see that in action.

What Are The Features?

The remote control and copter! This Q4 Nano Quadcopter is one super awesome gadget, toy, or gift!
  • It's TINY... Measuring only 5 x 5 cm!!!
  • It's 4 channel beginner friendly (whatever that means) and has a 6 axis flight.
  • With "Position Recovery" technology and a built-in Gyro, it is exceptionally stable and easy to fly.
  • It has red and blue LED lights to show the front and back of the Nano Quadcopter, for night-flight!
  • And comes with a remote control, 4 spare rotor blades, and a USB cable for charging.
The super cool and awesome Q4 Nano Quadcopter. It's definitely one of the best toys or gifts EVER...
The incredible Q4 Nano Quadcopter's Remote Control.

What's The Conclusion?

Let's be honest here...

This gadget is just incredibly cool.

  • It's small and cute.
  • It's one schweeeet toy!
  • It's loads of fun to play with.
  • It's the perfect toy or gift for kids.
  • And guess what, it's also pretty darn cheap!

How Much & Where From?

£29.95 - Red5

Check it out!!! The Q4 Nano Quadcopter from Red5...

Other Quadcopter Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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