The Laser Projection Keyboard

The Laser Projection Keyboard is one incredibly cool & futuristic gadget that serves a great purpose. Bluetooth to your mobile or tablet, and type away!

The Laser Projection Keyboard for Smartphones & Tablets!

This is... Ultimate futuristic cool-ness! :-)

When I first saw this gadget I honestly thought it was gimmick. But thankfully I was wrong!

This clever little gizmo projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface, whilst linking up to any Bluetooth device with a compatible operating system. (Check the features section to see what it's compatible with.)

So it's perfect for typing lengthy emails onto your smartphone, or that inspirational piece of work that sparks in your brain when you're away from your laptop.

Simply link it up and start typing!

High Tech Finger Placement Recognition...

The device then uses an optical sensor and an infrared horizontal plane millimeters above the keyboard surface to recognize keystrokes.

Check this video out to see it in action...

How quickly can it recognize keystrokes you ask?

Up to 350 keystrokes a minute... Which isn't necessary speed typing, but it's definitely quick enough to make this electronic gizmo a very useful tool!

Not to mention how cool you'll look when you pull it out at the office or at the local coffee shop!

What Are The Features?

The Virtual Bluetooth-Operated Laser Projection Keyboard.
  • This virtual keyboard is compatible with iOS 4.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Windows XP and later, and Blackberry 10.
  • Can type up to 350 characters per minute, and has multi-touch mouse/gesture functions.
  • It projects a 24cm wide (9 3/4") x 10cm deep (4") keyboard that has 2cm wide (3/4") keys.
  • You can also adjust the brightness, sensitivity and sound feedback.
  • Provides between 2 and 2 1/2 hours of operating time, and recharges through a USB cable (that is not used for connecting to a device).
The Laser Projection Keyboard will link via bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and provide a keyboard for you to type lengthy emails and notes at up to 350 characters/minute!

What's The Conclusion?

Firstly, it's one seriously useful gadget for anyone who needs to type lengthy emails/notes onto a smartphone or tablet.

And of course... It's super cool, futuristic, down-right AWESOME and will have everyone looking at you with awe the next time you pull it out.

It is definitely one very cool gadget!

How Much & Where From?

$99.99 - ThinkGeek

Check the futuristic Laser Projection Keyboard from ThinkGeek...

Other Laser Projection Keyboard Options:

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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