Cool Jogging Headphones:

That Actually Stay In Your Ears!!!

Finally... Jogging Headphones that stay in your ears!

I mean, don't you get utterly tired of earphones falling out when exercising! I know I do.

But thankfully I've finally come across a set of sports earphones that are specially designed to stay in your ears, no matter what!

And I've got to admit, these Headphones are quite simply brilliant!

The MEElectric M6 uses an over-the-ear design with memory wire that molds to your ear for a comfortable lock in.

It has an ergonomically patented housing design with 6 sets of eartips that helps you find the best fit for your ear.

These cool looking Headphones are specially designed to stay in your ears whilst exercising!

Combine That With...

A noise isolating in-ear design that is lab tested and certified (IPX5) for sweat and water-resistance....

And you've got one incredibly awesome exercise gadget to keep you focused on your task... And not on trying to keep your earphones in!

These Jogging Headphones Are Great For...

  • General use.
  • Jogging, Gyming, Kettle-Bells, Crossfit, or any other exercise.
  • OR usage under a helmet.

Check this Cool Promo Video from MEElectrics for more info on the M6...

What Are The Features?

How the MEElectrics M6 Sports Headphones work and stay in your ears no matter what!
The Jogging Headphones Case and Ear Pieces.
  • Has a secure over-the-ear design with memory wire to lock in and never fall out!
  • In-ear noise isolating design, with lab tested sweat and water-resistance.
  • Comes with 6 Ear Tips to help your find the best fit for your ear...
  • Also comes with a carry case.
  • And is a Number One BEST Seller at Amazon!

Check out this guide on how to use theses exercise headphones correctly [Video]...

What's The Conclusion?

These jogging earphones are a MUST for any sporting person who enjoys the motivation of music whilst exercising!...

And who also hates the hassle of having to re-adjust your earphones or put them back in all the time!

They're inexpensive, cool, effective and very comfortable!

How Much & Where From?

$29.99 - Amazon

Check out the brilliant Sports/Exercise/Jogging Headphones from Amazon...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

These Jogging Headphones have a comfortable fit and with the memory-wire design they ACTUALLY stay in!

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Extra Images:

The M6 Sports Headphones' Case
The MEElectrics M6 Sports Headphones' cord and easy-clips!
The M6 Jogging Headphones come with 6 sets of ear pieces to help you find the best and most comfortable fit!

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