The iPhone Scanner

Scan any photo or document directly to your iPhone or iPod with the iPhone Scanner. Really small & easy to carry, it's also effective & simple to use.

Now you can scan any photo or document directly to your iPhone or iPod with the iPhone Scanner.

It's really small and therefore easily portable. And it's also very effective, producing high-quality scans and is simple to use...

You simply...

Connect your iPhone or iPod to the scanner through the built-in docking station.

Then use the app to scan documents, photos, business cards, etc. directly to your mobile device (iPhone or iPod). Documents can be up to the size of 10.1 cm (4") x 15.2 cm (6").

The scanned image will immediately display on your Apple device as they are sent through the scanner (as you can see from the image at the top).

The image is then saved as a high-resolution 600-dpi JPEG file.

What Are The Features?

The black,

The Direct to iPhone and iPod scanner is...

  • Small and highly portable.
  • Will scan any photo or document, up to the size of 10.1 cm (4") x 15.2 cm (6"), directly to your iPhone or iPod.
  • iPhone or iPod docks straight onto scanner.
  • Comes with a Free App downloadable from the App Store.
  • Is powered via USB and comes with a cable.
  • It's compatible with devices that use 30 pin connectors (iPhone 4 and 4S, and 4th generation or higher iPod touch).
  • And it's dimensions are: 6.35 cm high (2 1/2"), by 20.32 cm wide (8"), by 7.62 cm deep (3"). And it weighs a puny 0.37 kg (1 lb.)

What's The Conclusion?

If you're looking for a useful gadget, or often find yourself in the need or desire of scanning an object to your phone? ...

Then this is the gadget for you.

Not only does it scan the document or photo, but it actually scans as a high-resolution image, which some of the simple Scanning Apps do not do (check out the other options below to see which App I recommend).

Simply put, it scans documents to high quality images.

How Much & Where From?

$49.95 - Hammacher Schlemmer

check out the brilliant iPhone Scanner from Hammacher Schlemmer...

Other iPhone Scanner Options:

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