The Corn Kerneler

Quite simply, the Corn Kerneler provides a quick, easy, and danger-free way of stripping Corn off the Cob.

"Oh you've got to love gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier."

There are many meals that you can and will use corn in... and what better way to use it, then fresh and straight off the cob!

All you have to do is simply run the corn stripper down the side of the cob and watch as the corn strips off and collects into the container.

Then turn the gadget around and easily pour out the corn onto a plate or into your food dish! Check out the video and images below...

What Are The Features?

This nifty little kitchen gadget uses stainless steel blades to easily remove kernels from the cob. They then collect in a 0.5-cup capacity container, which amounts to about one cob.

The container has a top opening for easy emptying of the kernels, and it also separates for easy cleaning!

The top opening on the Corn Kerneler makes it easy to empty the corn from the gadget. Simply pour!
Opening the OXO Corn Kerneler for easy cleaning!

What's The Corn Kerneler Conclusion?

This is a great little gadget for the kitchen. It's cheap, and makes a difficult job very easy.

So if you ever have the need of removing corn kernels from a cob, or if fresh corn is something you'd like to add to your meals, then this nifty kitchen gadget is just the tool you need!

How Much & Where From?

$13.99 - Amazon

Check out the amazing OXO Corn Kerneler from Amazon...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

The OXO Corn Stripper

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