12 Super Cool Bookends!

It's time to upgrade your Bookshelves!

For such a simple feature, you'll be amazed at how much difference cool bookends can make to your room and to your bookshelves.

So, I therefore wanted to share with you 12 flipping awesome bookends that you'll totally love and want on your bookshelf!

There are some geeky ones, some for movie fans, and a few randoms that are just really cool.

And of course, they'll all make great gifts!

Let's have a look...

1. Fighting Stick-Men:

Kick your books into place with the Fighting Stickmen Bookends!
Fighting Stickmen Bookends!


Get your books in order with these Fighting Stick-men Bookends!

Made of steel for total hardcore-ness, these bad boys will kick your books into place... And if you have no books, then they'll just kick each other!

How Much and Where From?

2. The Star Wars AT-AT Bookends:

The Star Wars AT-AT Bookends!

This is for all you Star Wars fans!

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away... you could own an actual full sized AT-AT Walker Fighting Machine. How awesome would that be?!

But right now on our planet you'll just have to settle with this super cool bookend!

How Much and Where From?

3. Star Wars Imperial Seal:

The Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookends!
The Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookends!

Yet another one for all you Star Wars Fans!

The Imperial Seal Bookends from ThinkGeek gets our stamp of approval as they stamp down your books.

With the new Star Wars films on their way, these two bookends will be great as a gift for any of your fanatical friends... Or you could just spoil yourself as well!

How Much and Where From?

4. Portal Bookends:

The Portal Transporter Bookends! Pretty cool hey?
The Portal Transporter Bookends!

Haha - These are cool and will be great for your scientific bookshelf...

Or maybe on your Science-Fiction shelf!

The little stick-man is a test subject at Aperture Science who jumps through one orange bookend and out the blue one. Created at ThinkGeek, this item is made of durable aluminum with a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, to stop it sliding!

How Much and Where From?

5. Katana Sword:

The Katana Sword Bookend! Stabbing right through your Action Packed books.

Stabbed right through the middle! This is definitely one of my favorites.

This seriously cool bookend gives the impression that your books have a Katana sword stuck straight through the center of them... Kill Bill style! All thanks to the see-through plastic "hidden" brackets.

Perfect for any Action Movie fan.

How Much and Where From?

The Katana Sword Bookend!
The Katana Sword Bookend in it's packaging.

6. The Iron Throne:

The Game of Thrones' Iron Throne Bookend!
The Game of Thrones' Iron Throne Bookend!

If you're a Game of Thrones Fan then this Bookend (and the next on as well) is just for you!

This officially licensed Iron Throne Bookend comes as one piece (there is only one throne after all), with the base featuring the crests of 14 houses!

It's solid weight is enough to hold up the the 4000 pages in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire... And if you find shredded books all over the place you know it was just them fighting over the Throne!

How Much and Where From?

7. Game of Thrones Dire Wolves:

The Game of Thrones Dire Wolves Bookend!
The Game of Thrones Dire Wolves Bookend!

The emblem of the Starks is one super cool way to store your Game of Thrones books!

We might still feel a little sick from the infamous wedding in the 3rd season, but that doesn't mean the wolves of the Starks are any less cool now...

How Much and Where From?

8. The Falling Bookend:

Timbeeerrrrrrrrrr... The Falling Bookend!


The falling bookend is a quirky item that will add life and humor to your bookshelf. Definitely check it out!

How Much and Where From?

9. The Vice:

The Vice Bookend! For elegance and sophisticated storing of your books.

Tighten all your books together with this cool and sophisticated workshop-style vice!

I have to give Restoration Hardware a big thumbs up for this design. I'm truly in love with it!

And it'll look great on almost any bookshelf.

How Much and Where From?

10. Thor's Hammer Bookend:

Thor's Hammer Bookend! It's a Marvel-lous item.
Thor's Hammer Bookend!

This hand painted, high quality bookend made in the shape Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, is a Marvel-ous item!

It's the comic book fanatic's dream bookend and will be perfect for holding up all your graphic novels!

How Much and Where From?

11. The Pistoli:

The Pistol Bookend! Shoot your way through your books!

Shoot your way through your books with this cool bookend that is perfect for the crime section of your bookshelf!

Or maybe you just want to keep your DVD set of James Bond 007 in one place? Then this is the item to keep them upright!

How Much and Where From?

12. Bookworm Bookshelves:

The Bookworm Bookshelf! The coolest bookshelf you'll find.
The Bookworm Bookshelf! Elegant and awesome.

Alright, so this item is not really a bookend on it's own... But it's the Bookends in the bookworm that actually makes it work!

And it's just such a cool feature for your home or library that I had to include it.

How Much and Where From?

And Those Are Your 12 Super Cool Bookends!

If you have any comments on any of them - Like which ones you absolutely love, OR which ones you think are actually not that great...

Then don't hold back and give us your thoughts through the comments below...

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