The Camera Lens Cup

Stand out from the crowd with the coolest travel mug around!

The Camera Lens Cup is a pretty simple gadget - But it's just so AWESOME.

It's a quirky travel mug in the shape of a DSLR lens and you'll feel pretty hip when you drink out of it. You'll likely get some strange comments from your friends as well, but hey, you can't help them from being jealous! ;-)

So... get rid of your old plain travel cup and renew it with this quirky cool and hip mug.

It's a Perfect Gift:

The Camera Lens Travel Mug is also a fantastic gift for any photographer, camera lover, or coffee lover. It's unique and cool, but still so practically usable for so many occasions, especially for a day out taking photos!

So surprise your friend at Christmas or for their birthday with the coolest drinking cup they'll ever get.

What Are The Features?

This cool mug has realistic lens details, just like a real DSLR Camera Lens.

It holds about 350mls of liquid and is perfect for hot or cold beverages. Eg: Coffee, Tea, Soup, and Coke, etc.

What's The Conclusion?

The Camera Lens Mug in it's packaging. A super cool kitchen gizmo!

I'm totally in love with this travel mug!

It's a unique and super cool gizmo that's very practical as well. It will make a perfect gift but is just as great as a treat for yourself.

So whether you're the photo lover or you need a gift for a friend that is... This is that perfect item. It gets our FULL stamp of approval!

How Much & Where From?

$12.99 - ThinkGeek

Check out the Camera Lens Mug...

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Other Camera Lens Cup Images:

It always tastes better out of a something cool like a Camera Lens Mug!
A coffee filled Camera Lens Travelling Mug.
The Camera Lens Travel Mug with lid.
A tall view of the quirky Travel Lens Mug!
Mmmmmm... Looks far better in a Camera Lens Cup!

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