Bluetooth Game Controller

The Classic NES Bluetooth Game Controller will bring back all those awesome childhood gaming memories.

Now you can game on your mobile device in total retro style.

Let's have some fun...

This seriously cool gadget is compatible with both apple and android.

With the same, original push button feeling, and the same retro design; you'll be having "old school" fun, with "new school" games for hours!!!

You simply connect it to your mobile touchscreen gaming device via Bluetooth or the USB port, place your mobile in the exclusive Xstander designed mobile stand... and game away!

For up to 20 hours of gaming play.

What About Touch Screen Only Games?

No problem!

Simply drag and drop to map the key, and then continue your gaming.

It Also Allows 2 Players to Play Simultaneously!

Don't leave your friends out of the fun either.

Thanks to IOS Multiplayer exclusive support you can play 2 player games with ease. It works particularly well with 2 player fighting games.

The NES30 Bluetooth Game Contoller is the 30th Anniversary Gamepad edition of the the classic NES controller.

What Are The Features?

  • The NES30 is a retro "classic style" Bluetooth and usb gaming console, for mobile and gaming devices.
  • It's compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • It also supports iOS/Android devices which have been jailbroken or rooted. But it also supports iCade games without the need to jailbreak your device.
  • Allows two players to play simultaneously.
  • Will provide up to 20 hours of gaming time before you need to recharge.
  • And comes with the exclusive Xstander design gaming device stand. Check it out below - click the image to view it full size...
The Classic NES Bluetooth Game Controller connects with both IOS & Android devices, and comes with the exclusive Xstander gaming device stand.

What's The Conclusion?

There are many Bluetooth gaming console options out there, but none of them are quite as cool or retro, as the NES30.

It's old school, but with modern abilities.

And with up to 20 hours of playing time you'll be gaming away with your friends for hours, just like the old days!

How Much & Where From?

$44.99 - Amazon

Check out the Classic NES Bluetooth Game Controller

Other Bluetooth Game Controller Options:

The Ipega is another great Bluetooth Game Controller option.
The Ipega Bluetooth Game Controller is another great option for gaming on your mobile, or other touch screen devices!
The Ipega Bluetooth Game Controller.

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