The Backpack Hammock

So what is a Backpack Hammock?

Known as the HackedPack, this brilliant design is simply a backpack that has a built-in hammock.

It's pure genius & is perfect for camping, hiking or just chilling.

What's Cool...

Is it was originally funded via a Kickstarter campaign, by two guys who are hammock and backpack lovers.

This means they've designed it with the best possible combination of specs and features in mind.

So, with all the normal features of a quality backpack and more, this product also has a patented hammock pouch that stores the hammock when not in use.

This pouch then easily releases the high-quality hammock when you're in need of a chill session!

And it's Easy to Setup... & to Take Down:

  • Simply strap up the backpack and the straps to a hammock friendly area (for example between two trees)...
The HackedPack is easy to setup and take down. Simply strap it, clip it, and climb in!
  • Then slide the hammock out the backpack and clip it to the opposite strap...
The HackedPack is easy to setup and take down. Simply strap it, clip it, and climb in!
  • And then finally climb in and relax!
The HackedPack  is easy to setup and take down. Simply strap it, clip it, and climb in!

What Are The Features?

Want a good idea of the features? Then watch this short video...

The features are...

The HackedPack Backpack Hammock is 3m x 2m, and is strong enough to hold 2 people!
  • A Backpack that doubles as a Hammock, without losing any of the Backpack's normal uses!
  • Has a 25 liter main compartment.
  • With 16 interior spaces.
  • The 3m x 2m triple-stitched hammock is made out of parachute material, and is stored in a patented Hammock Pouch.
  • The Hammock holds up to 185kg (500lb) and is big enough for two people.
  • The 2 "nylon tree straps" are over 2.7m (9 feet) long. Essentially long enough to setup your Hammock anywhere.
  • And the Backpack also comes with a Waterproof Rain Fly.

What's The Conclusion?

I don't know about you, but my thinking is, if you're going to buy a quality Backpack, why not get one that also has a quality Hammock built into it?!

But quite simply...

This fantastically designed product will be perfect for camping, hiking, and for students, etc.

It's a top-quality design, with loads of backpack space, is easy-to-setup into a hammock, and is also easy to take down.

It gets a BIG stamp of approval from

How Much & Where From?

$229.99 - Amazon

Check out the HackedPack Backpack Hammock from Amazon...

Other Backpack Hammock Info:

Plus some infographics on the HackedPack below (Click image and then the arrows in the top right corner, to view in full size)...

The Incredible Backpack Hammock! Check it out...
Features of the brilliant HackedPack

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