The Baby Camera Monitor

Keep a beady eye on your baby with the Baby Camera Monitor.

There's nothing quite like worry about your baby... Has it fallen asleep? Why is it crying? IS IT STILL BREATHING?! You know... all those things you parents stress about.

Don't worry, I have my fair share of it as well! With 7 nieces and nephews now; I do my full share of babysitting and stressing over sleeping babies.

And I can tell you that a Baby Monitor like this bad boy makes it so much easier.

What Does It Do?

Keep an eye on your sleeping baby from anywhere in the house with the Baby Camera Monitor!

Quite simply the Infant Optics DXR-5 Baby Monitor transmits a high quality wireless video signal (with clear audio) from a small Camera setup viewing your child, to a portable Monitor Display.

The video is full color and has a superbly clear display. It also displays night vision for when the lights are low! Now that's brilliant.

It will also automatically turn off (saving mode) after 3 minutes of silence and will turn on automatically again at any noise in the room.

It's a superbly efficient gadget for parents!

What Are The Features?

The 3 easy steps of setting up and using your Baby Camera Monitor.

The Infant Optics DXR-5 Baby Camera Monitor is full of them...

  • It's easy to setup, carry and operate... With no unnecessary features. As the manufacturer says, it's built with simplicity and usability in mind.
  • Uses a 2.4 GHz digital wireless FHSS communication link to connect the camera to the monitor...
  • With a range of 45m (150ft) indoors and 243m (800ft) range out in the open. This means that, unless you live in a hotel, you'll never lose signal.
  • The display monitor has a 2.4 inch screen and streams at 30 frames per second (Yeah I know, information you really don't need. But hey, I am a film fanatic so you'll just have to forgive me! ;-))
  • Has night vision through infrared light so that you can clearly see when the lights are off.
  • It can monitor up to four cameras for when your family starts to grow bigger than one!!!
  • Only transmits encrypted data (video & audio) to your monitor - So no one unwanted person can sit in and watch your child!
  • Has an automatic energy saving mode. When there's been no noise for 3 minutes it turns off, and then will turn on again immediately when there is any sound in the babies room.
  • And the portable monitor has a long lasting battery, for long hours of usage, away from power!
The Baby Camera Monitor displays in crisp, clear color, and also with night vision when the lights are low.

What's The Conclusion?

For any parents who are busy about the house whilst their baby sleeps or plays... Or who are often too far from their kids room to hear them cry etc...

OR who stress about whether their baby is safe and fine all the time...

Then this is must have gadget!

Or as my sister-in-law says, if you just want to watch your 18 month old unpack her older sisters' cupboards and try their shoes on while they sleep, with the light shining brightly...

Then this is a gadget for you as well!!! :-)

How Much & Where From?

$169.99 - Amazon

Often on Discount by 40/50%

Check out the Baby Camera Monitor....

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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