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Cool Gadgets of the New Year - Cool Gadge Report, Issue #001
January 21, 2015


And welcome to 2015!!! I hope that you had a fantastic holiday and festive season.

The last while has seen many additions of some seriously cool Gadgets to

So... To save you from a long list, I've decided to just highlight some of my favorite gadgets and articles that I really think you'll love.

Here we go...

1. The iKettle:

The iKettle is without a doubt a Gadget Lover's dream!

Controlled via Wi-fi from your Mobile Device, it has brilliant convenience features & modes, including the wake up, "Would you like the kettle turned on," mode, and "Your iKettle has boiled" notification.

Quite simple, you'll love it.

2. Q4 Nano Quadcopter:

Every once in a while you come across something that is truly incredibly awesome! Well the Q4 Nano Quadcopter is just that!!! It's the best toy and kids gift ever.

3. The iPhone Pocket Projector:

This is super useful gadget. The iPhone Pocket Projector can instantly project clear & bright images or videos wherever you are.

Simply attach to your iPhone and project. Great for business trips & keeping the kids entertained.

4. The Pocket Shower:

This is a great camping and traveling gadget. Simply fill with water, hang it up, and shower for 8m30s and longer.

You can also fill and hang early in the day, and then let the special black material it's made of heat up your water. Who would have thought you could have a hot shower when camping, right?!

5. The 3D Pen:

Ever imagined drawing in three-dimensions? Now you can with the world's first 3D Pen, called the 3Doodler. It's an incredibly fun & popular gadget! SO... What will you draw?

6. The Retro Hot Dog Toaster:

Do you love Hot Dogs? Or maybe you need a cool gift for a friend? Then this retro hot dog toaster is the perfect gadget.

7. Pacman Arcade:

Ready to go back in time?! 'Cause the awesome Pacman Arcade Machine is about to take you back to some awesome old school fun. And you can have it, RIGHT IN YOUR HOME.

8. Bug-a-Salt:

This is definitely one of my favorites! Ready to wage war on flies & other pesky bugs?! It's time for the Bug-A-Salt then. This wicked gadget fires a salt spray that effectively kills flies & bugs.

9. Floating Speaker:

Have some booming beats in the pool, bath, shower, or Jacuzzi with the Brookstone waterproof and Bluetooth enabled Floating Speaker.

10. Swedish Firesteel:

Do a lot of camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing? Then you definitely want to add Swedish Firesteel to your survival kit. With a 3000°C spark you can light a fire in any weather conditions! No matter rain or snow!

11. Transparent Canoe:

See under the sea (or dam) with this AWESOME Transparent Canoe! It's a whole new, exhilarating and exciting way to experience the water.

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Until next time. Happy Gadgeting!

Rob Hampson

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