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The Wonderwash

Washing Made Simple!

The Wonderwash is a wickedly wonderful portable manual washing machine!

But does it work?

Absolutely yes. I've seen it in use for years here in South Africa and the Deal or Dud video down below demos a great example of it working!

It was originally designed in my wonderful country, South Africa, for low-income earners who didn't have access to running water and electricity.

And it's proved an incredibly useful invention for years now!

Who says that simple wasn't cool hey?!

Because this is one seriously cool gadget for camping, traveling, apartments, single people and students, etc.

Here are just a few benefits...

The Wonderwash! A brilliant portable manual washing machine.
The Wonderwash! A brilliant portable manual washing machine.
  1. It's a cheap way of washing your clothes. It could potentially save you thousands over it's lifetime, as you avoid going to the laundromat or from buying a conventional washing machine, and because...
  2. It doesn't use electricity,
  3. And lasts longer than electrical models because it has no internal working parts,
  4. Is far gentler on your clothes and perfect for delicates.
  5. It's fully portable, weighing under 2.2 kg (6 lbs), and doesn't need any hookup.
  6. Takes only a couple of minutes to wash and rinse your clothes.
  7. And is also much gentler for your hands, then hand washing!

It's one heck of a great deal... As the team from Deal or Dud agree with!

Check out their video on this cool gadget below:

What Are The Features?

We touched on some of the cool benefits up above, but here are the basic features...

The Wonderwash Laundry Alternative is even small and easy enough for a child to use!
  • It's compact and portable! Weighing under 2.2 kg (6 lbs), and with dimensions of 30cm (12") x  30cm (12") x 40.6cm (16") (L x W x H).
  • Is small and easy enough for a child to use!
  • Washes an impressive amount of clothes for it's size in just a few minutes. About 10 T Shirts or 2 Pairs of Jeans.
  • Comes with a drainage pipe to easily drain water out.
  • Has slowly been improved over the years for better strength and to eliminate breakages!

What's The Wonderwash Conclusion?

This is quite simply a foregone conclusion...

The Wonderwash is an incredibly useful gadget, especially for campers, campervan traveling, students, and single people with little washing!

I've seen it in use for years and I highly recommend it!

How Much & Where From?

$49.99 - Amazon

Check out the brilliant Wonderwash from Amazon...

Please note that prices sometimes change without notice... So don't get a shock if the price here is slightly different to the price at the store! ;-)

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Other Images & Info:

The lid of the Wonderwash.
The drainage tube of the Wonderwash Laundry Alternative.
The Wonderwash hinge.
The underneath of the Wonderwash lid.

For more info on this brilliant camping and home gadget, check out the Laundry Alternative official page on it.

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