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The Incredible iKettle!

The iKettle - A Gadget Lover's Dream!

"Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No"

This is exactly what your Smart Phone or mobile device asks when your alarm (wake up mode) goes off in the morning.

Hit yes, and the kettle comes on...

You then snooze for a couple of minutes, content in the knowledge that your hot water will be ready when you get out of bed.

Then when the kettle has boiled, your device let's you know that it has boiled and asks if you're ready for it, or if you'd like it to keep warm, for up to 30 mins.

To which you decide to snooze for another 10 minutes and when you do finally get up, you have hot water ready and waiting for you to make your delicious brew of coffee or tea!

How brilliant is that?!?

The -Wake Up- message from your iKettle. How cool is that? Turn your kettle on before you get out of bed...
The iKettle let's you know when your kettle has boiled and gives you the option to keep it warm for up to 30mins if you don't want your hot drink right away...

And Not To Mention...

The convenience of being able to turn on the kettle from anywhere in the house, for whatever circumstance... Like maybe 5 minutes before the half time whistle of game you don't want to miss a second of.

Or during those late hours of work or study... Where every second of work counts!

And if you wish, it will even ask you if you want it turned on when you arrive home.

What Are The Features?

The WiFi base of the iKettle. It's quick and easy to setup and connect to your iPhone!

The iKettle has and is...

  • Controlled via Wi-fi from your iPhone/Apple IOS7+, or Android 4+ mobile device.
  • Made from stainless steel, but has a soft touch handle.
  • Is easy to setup and connect with your mobile device.
  • Has a "wake up" alarm mode, and a "welcome home" mode.
  • Plus a "keep warm" mode for up to 30 minutes at your chosen temperature.
  • 4 Temperature settings for the perfect brewing of different hot drinks.
  • Has 5 different colored skin covers to match your kettle to your kitchen's decor.
  • And has a water capacity of 1.8 liters.
The 5 different skin cover color options, to help keep the warmth in your iKettle, and match your kitchen's decor...

What's The iKettle Conclusion?

This is without a doubt the coolest kettle you'll ever own.

It's full of great technology features and designed to provide utmost convenience for you.

This incredibly awesome kitchen gadget gets a HUGE stamp of approval from!

If you're a gadget lover - As well as a coffee (or other hot drink) lover - This gizmo is definitely for you!

How Much & Where From?

£99.99 - Firebox

Check out the iKettle from Firebox...

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