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& Rob Hampson

Click here to Contact is quite simply a site dedicated to bringing you the coolest gadgets on the planet!

I'm Rob Hampson, the founder and publisher, and I'm super stoked that you've joined me to check out these flipping cool gizmos.

So welcome!

I'll be brutally honest... I just love cool gadgets.

But what I love more, are cool gadgets that are also practical and useful.

It's nice having something that makes you say, "wow that's cool" - But it's sooooo much better when that something provides a very useful function to you.

So this site is here to make you go "WOW." But it's also here to provide you with brilliant and useful tools... That will still make you go "WOW!"

What about me? Who is Rob Hampson you ask...

Here's My Story In Short...

That's me on the right with my brother, Murray, after a game of polo against each other! Polo is a huge passion of ours!

I grew up on a farm in Eston, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, with three older brothers. We got up to a lot of mischief of course (what do you expect from four boys) and also got some toughness knocked into us, but we totally loved it.

I then went to Boarding School at Marizburg College and got knocked around a bit more! Haha - It was tough, but once again, I absolutely loved it.

I've traveled the UK (mainly worked though) and experienced some other pretty cool countries... Namibia is definitely one of my favorites!

I've been involved in Fundraising on a small scale, and then founded in 2010 - It's a site focused on providing brilliant fundraising ideas, with the tips, techniques, and resources to run then successfully.

I Currently Live...

On the Durban Beachfront.

Yip, that's right! I have the most awesome view to live and work from.

Take a look...

View from my Flat at Sunrise on Snakepark Beach, Durban
View from my Flat on Snakepark Beach, Durban

I have a lot of passions and interests...

  • Obviously Polo as you can see from the photo up above. It's the most exhilarating, fulfilling, and addictive sport on the planet...
    There is no other sport like it!!!
  • Other Sports like Cricket, Rugby, Golf and Football (Soccer). And I'm about to start learning to surf (I live on the Durban beachfront - It would be a crime not to!)
  • Birdwatching... Yes I'm a bit of a twitcher.
  • I'm fascinated with Ancient History.
  • Love reading books (Dick Francis, Louis L'amour, JD Robb, and business/life development books, etc.)
  • And of course, I've a HUGE PASSION for gadgets and Gizmos!

But My Biggest Passion Is...


I am completely obsessed about becoming a Writer and Director of Feature length movies.

It's my ultimate goal and dream, and I can't wait to be putting entertaining films on your cinema screens!

And That's Me Wrapped Up...

If you would like to read more about me you can check out the About Rob page on

On the other hand just carry on looking through all the cool gadgets and gizmos right here on - It'll be way more fun! :-)

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